Why do you have a web site?

I really don't want to have a web site, many people ask why do you have a domain name (rogledi.com) and don't use it for your web site?

Just becouse i need this domain name in order to have my very personal email address, that's it.

My accounts in all around the Web

Blog rogledi.blogspot.com

It is a reminder to myself.

AngelList angel.co/rogledi
Facebook facebook.com/rogledi

Everyone has it, so.. why not me!

Twitter twitter.com/rogledi

I will tweet some time, I swear!

Google+ plus.google.com/+EmanueleRogledi

I'd rather have it.

VKontakte vk.com/id19895115

Да, я говорю по-русски.

Pinterest pinterest.com/rogledi/

The world of amazing pictures.

Reddit reddit.com/user/rogledi

I don't use it very often, but it's worth mentioning.

GitHub github.com/emanuele-rogledi

The non plus ultra Git repository.

SourceForge sourceforge.net/users/rogledi/

As a developer I must have it!

CrunchBase crunchbase.com/person/emanuele-rogledi

I still don't know what to do with it, but cool people seems to have it ;)

Quora quora.com/Emanuele-Rogledi

Same as previous.

Tumblr rogledi.tumblr.com

A little bit of Tumblr? yes, why not.